Semester In Review

10 May

Congratulations to our graduates in the College of Fine Arts and to all of you who successfully completed another academic year!! It’s been a busy one, but you did it. In honor of all that you’ve accomplished, we’d like to highlight some of the outstanding student work that’s been produced in the College this Spring semester– performances, art exhibits and video games. We’ve filled this post with lots of pictures and links to video. Enjoy!


The Ballet Department produced several performances this semester that once again showcased intricate choreography, as well as our ballet students’ skill and talent–Showcase II, Utah Ballet: Choreographers of the Far East, Ballet Senior Show.  Check out these pictures from Choreographers of the Far East, performed by Utah Ballet.

Utah Ballet-61

Photo Courtesy of Luke Isley

Utah Ballet-237

Photo Courtesy of Luke Isley

Utah Ballet-214

Photo Courtesy of Luke Isley

The Ballet Department also presented the second annual Live To Dance Concert, which highlighted different jazz styles including Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Fosse, Broadway, Thrash and more.


Photo Courtesy of Luke Isley


Photo Courtesy of Luke Isley


The students in Film and Media Arts Department were busy this semester. Our Film students spent their learning animation techniques and the art of making films this semester. Check out this trailer of a film directed by graduate students Miriam and Sonia Albert-Sobrino.

Anuncio de “As Vacacións do Verdugo” – “The Executioner’s Vacation

Our Entertainment Arts & Engineering undergraduates and graduate students spent the past year designing video games. They celebrated their hard work last month during EAE Fest, which unfolded over three days: EAE Demo Day, Animation Fest, and EAE Machinima Fest ’13.  During EAE Demo Day, the campus community were invited to play upcoming Master’s thesis games, including Last March of the Dodos, Race of the Zodiac, and Drop Drop, as well as undergraduate capstone projects Magnetic by Nature, Avatar Trials: Ninja Uprising, and Heroes of Rock. For more video game trailers, click here.

The following pics are from EAE Demo Day.

EAE Day 1

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Leiker

EAE Day 2

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Leiker

EAE Day 3

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Leiker

EAE Machinima Fest ’13 featured the excellent work from this year’s CS 3660 class–Machinima is the creation of animated movies using a 3D video game engine. Here’s one of the many animated movies that were screened. Entitled “Shooter,” the film explores what happens when a character in a first person shooter, stuck in an endless loop, believes there’s something more to life…more than what he was programmed for. The following EAE students worked together to create the film: Evan Orton, James Burns, Wendy Chidester, Mike Veblungsnes, Remington Sorenson, and Matthew Lawton.

Shooter,” by Evan Orton, James Burns, Wendy Chidester, Mike Veblungsnes, Remington Sorenson, and Matthew Lawton


The Theatre Department was busy producing interesting and provocative works. They put on A Flea in Her EarThe Eccentrics, Reasons to be Pretty, and Spring Awakening. A great season! Check out this clip about Spring Awakening, a play that “celebrates youth and rebellion in a daring fusion of morality, sexuality and rock & roll.”

Spring Awakening

Here are some pics from A Flea in Her EarGeorges Feydeau’s play about mistaken identities–“a classic French farce of marital mayhem.”


Photo Courtesy of the Theatre Department


Photo Courtesy of the Theatre Department


The Modern Dance Department staged several fantastic performances that showcased our modern dance students’ abilities–Performing Dance Company, Student Concert I, Senior Concert I: Spin Cycle & Senior Concert II: Tumble Dry. Here are a few photos from Senior Concert I.


Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Mielke


Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Mielke


Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Mielke


The students in the The Art & Art History Department were busy creating intricate art works, pioneering a campus art walk, and collaborating across the College. 

Joining forces with the Student Museum Advisory Council (SMAC), the Art History Student Association (AHSA) put on the 1st Annual Campus Art Walk, highlighting some of the unnoticed art pieces that cover the University’s campus.


Photo Courtesy of Kira Jones


Photo Courtesy of Kira Jones


Photo Courtesy of Kira Jones

The Campus Art Walk coincided with the Annual Student Exhibition Opening, which was quite the event. If you weren’t able to attend this year, we suggest you mark your calendar for Spring 2014. It’s an art show you don’t want to miss, complete with student art work displayed on all three floors (and outside!) of the ART Building. PLUS lots of delicious food to snack on as you wander around looking at the art.


Photo Courtesy of Amelia Walchli


Photo Courtesy of Amelia Walchli


Photo Courtesy of Amelia Walchli

Finally, Art students and Theatre students came together to work on a project. The students from ART 4460: Environmental/Installation and THEA 4700: Theatre Lighting III collaborated to create “Fervor,” An Experimental, Multi-Sensory Experience.

Fervor,” An Experimental, Multi-Sensory Experience. 


The students in The School of Music not only had a busy concert season, but our undergraduates and graduate students spent their time participating in several projects. For the third year, the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) organized a Chamber Music Competition. Students also participated in The Piano Outreach Program and Music Education at Uintah Elementary.

The Piano Outreach Program provides undergrads and graduate students the opportunity to teach piano to Title I elementary students after school. Check out some pics of these students in action.


Photo Courtesy of April Waters


Photo Courtesy of April Waters


Photo Courtesy of April Waters


Congratulations again to all our graduates and to all of you for another amazing semester! If you were involved in a project or performance this past semester that you’d like us to know about, leave us a comment below.


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2 responses to “Semester In Review

  1. josephpatrickrichards

    May 11, 2013 at 9:51 am

    It sounds like a busy and active semester. I look forward to seeing the works of these students outside the university as they continue to move ahead and share their talents with us all.

  2. rastreadores bbom

    May 23, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    interesting post. thank you for sharing!


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