1st Annual Campus Art Walk

10 Apr

Your link to the happenings throughout the College of Fine Arts, interpreted by us, the spring 2013 MUSE Arts Journalist Interns. 

By Ian Anderson, Guest Blogger

SMAC 4.9.13

Student Museum Advisory Council (SMAC)

What’s my goal for the 1st Annual Campus Art Walk? That it will help decode and bring to light some of the pieces of art that contribute to our aesthetically pleasing campus.  As a member of the Art History Student Association (AHSA), my hope is that the Art Walk will unearth a few of the U’s artistic roots for fellow students.

Joining forces with the Student Museum Advisory Council (SMAC), AHSA’s aim for the 1st Annual Campus Art Walk is to highlight some of the unnoticed art pieces that cover our campus. Stemming from the enthusiastic success of the Gallery Stroll in downtown Salt Lake City, we hope the Art Walk will facilitate awareness of art on campus—along with the specific, unique, pleasurable joys that only art can generate.

Pieces from various colleges and buildings on campus will be featured in the Walk. For example, did you know the new David Eccles School of Business building (the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building) has an installation piece that is shaped like the Great Salt Lake and changes color due to the influx of the world’s stock market? Or, that the Marriott Library has a special collection of over 100 vignettes chronicling the lives of Vietnam veterans?

ART&ART History

Art History Student Association (AHSA)

The Marriott Library and the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building are just two of the many spaces where you’ll find art during the Walk. There were no requirements for chosen pieces—students hope to celebrate the many mediums of art!

One unique aspect of the Art Walk is the opportunity it affords students in the Art History Department. A virtual map made-up of the highlighted art on campus will curate the Art Walk. The map features a collection of critical essays (written primarily by students, along with some faculty) about the works included in the Walk. The expectation for these essays was kept purposely ambiguous—the hope is that this virtual map will demonstrate both students’ personal interest and excitement in specific works of art.

There will be a printed map guide available to strollers, and on the guide will appear a QR code that links to a Tumblr webpage dedicated to the event. Strollers can access all the featured art and the accepted essays by visiting.

The Campus Art Walk is free and will take place tomorrow, Thursday, April 11 from 5:00-8:00pm. Strollers are encouraged to begin their night at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) patio, where refreshments will be served and live music can be enjoyed. Working as the event’s home base, the UMFA patio can provide an enjoyable bookend for a stroller’s evening.

While the U’s aesthetic entities may seem unknown, students from both SMAC and the AHSA hope to make art works on campus approachable and enjoyable for all. The Campus Art Walk is one exciting step in the direction of this goal.


Unable to attend the Campus Art Walk? Here are a few pictures from the event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos Courtesy of Kira Jones


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