MUSE Arts Journalist Intern: Lindsey Wilbur

06 Feb

In cooperation with the MUSE Internship Program and the CFA Emerging Leaders Program, the College of Fine Arts has hired two arts journalist interns for the Spring 2013 term: Lindsey Wilbur & Ian Anderson. Both Lindsey and Ian have had previous experience writing for various outlets on our campus and they are interested in the possibility of a career in arts journalism. As CFA Arts Journalist Interns, they will research and write stories about happenings throughout the College. One place these stories will be published is here, on The Finer Points. If you’re not sure what arts journalism is or why it matters, or if you want to learn about new innovative arts journalism programs, watch this short video about the National Endowment of the Arts Journalism Initiative.


Your link to the happenings throughout the College of Fine Arts, interpreted by us, the spring 2013 MUSE Arts Journalist Interns. 

Introducing Lindsey Wilbur

Lindsey Wilbur Stadium

Lindsey Wilbur, MUSE Arts Journalist Intern

I had never spoken with a political party chairman before becoming a journalist, or collected a first-hand account of a crime the day it happened.   As a reporter, however, I have been taken to the heart of news and have had the privilege to share it with the public.  Every assignment I have had as a journalist has given me a taste of something new, and that is probably what I enjoy most about this field.  I love the opportunity to collect research by listening to people with unique perspectives. As an intern for the College of Fine Arts, sharing the arts with the public is a new opportunity that I am excited to dive into.

As a ballerina I have experienced how rewarding interaction between the community and arts disciplines can be. Aside from the joy it is to facilitate this interaction, I think journalism is a necessary companion to the arts to fulfill art’s mission to reach people.  It is an honor for me to publish information that people value, and the happenings here at the College of Fine Arts are of great value.  However, without teamwork between art and journalism, the enrichment this college has to offer can go unexperienced.  Our human need for artistic expression is accompanied by a need for journalism that links us to the developments in art around us.

Why Arts Journalism Matters to Me

Have you ever walked away from a conversation that gave you a perspective on something that you had never seen before?  It’s the kind of experience that you want to share with others.  This is precisely the impetus of arts journalism.  The happenings in the arts disciplines are unique from any other field and news coverage of this field fulfills the need to keep the public engaged in ideas presented by the arts.  Informing the public of local arts events is one great function of arts journalism, but further, arts journalism gets inside the field and acts as the public’s access to ideas artists have to offer society.


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2 responses to “MUSE Arts Journalist Intern: Lindsey Wilbur

  1. Anonymous

    February 25, 2013 at 7:26 am

    hey there, truly interesting posts you make, just keep up the great work, will be back for more!

  2. josephpatrickrichards

    May 5, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    I’m glad the students have the opportunity to take part in this important facet of journalism.


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